Jen Osborne

National Post

Jen publishes work with National Post.


Jen publishes work with Maclean's Magazine.

Mother Jones

Jen publishes work with Mother Jones Magazine.

Zeit Magazine

Zeit (Germany) publishes Jen Osborne's work about the largest legal marijuana transfer in the world.

National Geographic

National Geographic publishes Jen Osborne's work from Turkmenistan.


In collaboration with writer Jack Losh, Jen Osborne publishes work about Systema in Slate.


Jen Osborne for GQ Magazine.

The Star

Jen Osborne for The Star.


Jen Osborne photographs the Vancouver housing crisis for Macleans Magazine.

Report on Business (The Globe and Mail)

Jen Osborne photographs Vancouver's billionaire, Joe Segal, for the "Legends" report (Globe and Mail).


Jen Osborne photographs Vancouver's "Lift" Cannabis Fair for Macleans Magazine.


Jen Osborne photographs a rogue Kite flier for Macleans Magazine.

Rolling Stone

Jen Osborne for Rolling Stone Magazine.

True North Journal

True North Photo Journal revisits Jen Osborne's dual portraits of residents from Vancouver, Canada's Downtown Eastside.

Neue Zuercher Zeitung

Neue Zuercher Zeitung features Jen Osborne's work from Turkmenistan as a 5-day foto tableau feature (both print and online).

The Other Hundred

Jen Osborne publishes her story about a Canadian Pastafarian, Obi Canuel, in The Other Hundred Educators.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazine

Jen Osborne is featured by Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Zeit Magazine

Jen Osborne photographs William Gibson for Zeit Magazine.

Rolling Stone

Jen Osborne for Rolling Stone Magazine.

It's Nice That

An article about Fabrica "through the eyes of its alumni" reports on Jen's experiences there.

Freunde Von Freunden

Freunde von Freunden features a photo series shot by Jen Osborne.

Plaid Zebra

Plaid Zebra interviews Jen Osborne about her series "The Red West"


Jen Osborne's series "The Red West" on OZY.

Feature Shoot

Feature Shoot interviews Jen Osborne about her series titled "The Red West"

Today FM

Today FM interviews Jen Osborne about her series titled "The Red West"

Quartz Magazine

Jen Osborne's photos are featured on Quartz Online Magazine

GUP Magazine

GUP (Guide to Unique Photography) features "The Red West" online.


Autre features a selection of Jen's series titled "The Red West".

Mother Jones

Jen publishes work with Mother Jones Magazine.

Purple Magazine

Purple Magazine's Travel Diary features landscapes from Jen Osborne's series in Croatia.

Photo Life

Photo Life magazine highlights the 2015 Sony Awards and the two Canadians who made the shortlist: "The Shortlist for the Sony World Photography Awards, organized by World Photography Organization, has been announced for the Professional, Open and Youth categories. This year there were 173,444 entries from 171 countries - a record number and 24% increase from last year. Two Canadians, Donald Weber and Jennifer Osborne, were shortlisted in the Professional category. Jennifer Osborne's series, Indian Me, questions whether imitation is flattery or not by looking at "Indian Hobbyist" re-enactments primarily in the Eastern Block of Europe.

Sony World Photography Awards

Jen Osborne is shortlisted for the 2015 Sony Awards in the "Professional People" category. This is the world's largest photo awards, with a record number of entries in 2015.

Lola Who

An online interview with Jen Osborne on Lola Who.

Vice Magazine Online

Jen's story about Canadian Pastafarian, Obi Canuel, is featured online with Vice Magazine.

File Magazine Online

Jen's online interview with London's File Magazine about her favourite places in Berlin.

Denver Post

Jen's series about Bimbo the deer is featured on the Denver Post's Photo Blog.

Vice USA

Jen photographed a series about a reclusive woman who lives with a domesticated deer and then published it with Vice USA.


Jen photographed a series of posts at IFA 2014 for the notable online tech publication, "Mashable".

Global Post

Jen's photographs from the Karl May Festival in Radebeul Germany (both 2012 and 2014) are posted on Global Post, "America's World News Site", in an article of Germany's interest in Native Americans.

Superchief Online

Jen's photographs from the Karl May Festival in Radebeul Germany (both 2012 and 2014) are posted on NYC's Superchief Magazine. Jen writes: "Karl May Fest is a two and a half day festival that takes place every year in Radebeul, Germany. It is a three day event in celebration of Karl May, an author who began writing books from a jail cell. He told tales of "Cowboys and Indians", and other exotic scenarios, without visiting the lands he wrote about. His books later inspired the popular film series "Winnetou". Because Karl May is like the Mark Twain of Germany, he is still heavily celebrated today and thousands of Germans flock to the festival dedicated to him to wear costumes and watch performances that are all somehow "American", although the cultural symbolism is often mixed and confused (such as Peruvian pan flute players wearing head dresses). Each year guests from First Nations communities are invited to perform and in 2014 this was particularly interesting and controversial due to the Scalp Debate revolving around the Karl May Museum's refusal to return human remains on display back to the Ojibwe nation for proper burial. These images were shot at both the 2012 and 2014 Karl May Festivals."

Flash Forward "Tenth"

Flash Forward "Tenth" is a special anniversary edition 4-Book set celebrating 10 years of Flash Forward. In the past 10 years, 1,200 photographers have been part of Flash Forward. This special "tenth" edition showcases the Top 100 photographers (from the last ten years of the award) from Canada, the UK and the USA. Jen's work was selected to be a part of this edition.

Perdiz #3 Contributor: Jen Osborne

Perdiz Magazine interviews recent contributor, Jen Osborne.

Perdiz #3

This is a link to a video of Perdiz #3 flipping through its pages. Jen's work is in the centre as a 14 page spread.

"PERDIZ is a magazine about people and the things that make them happy. A compilation of amazing stories from common people. A survival manual without magic formulae. A collection of beautiful things. A publication of social activism with a positive tinge. A collectable object. It's a game, a story with a happy-ending. And it's also a virus that, like yawning in the Tube and laughter between friends, is catching. Happiness is contagious."

Canadian Art

In a Q&A with Carson Chan, one of the Denver Biennial's curators, the interviewer asks: "There are a number of Canadians in this biennial. Besides Snow, works by Douglas Coupland, Jeremy Shaw, Jon Rafman, Erdem Tasdelen, Jen Osborne and Kate Sansom are included. Why did you choose these artists, among others?"

Radio Eins

Jen Osborne and Lisa Wassmann (German, Berlin-based photographer) are interviewed on Germany's biggest radio station, Radio Eins, about an exhibition they took part in, in Berlin.

The majority of the interview is in German, however three sections are in English.

Blink Magazine

Jen Osborne is featured in Blink Magazine's issue #27 in September, 2013. The full series is featured in print only.

BLINK is a independent and non-profit, distinctive photography magazine(printed magazine), published monthly. It is not just a typical magazine. It is more like monthly art book project. The magazine serves as exhibition space that embraces every aspect of photography: from documentary to fashion, from contemporary to historical, from world-famous photographers to young talent.

Peta Pixel

Jen is featured on Peta Pixel.

Huffington Post

Jen is featured on the Huffington Post only.

Wandereur Ipad Magazine

Jen photographed Berlin-based artist, Dominique Hurth, for Wandereur ipad magazine. (Click screen and then arrows at top right of screen to navigate the photo story).


Jen is featured on 1985.

Art Slant

Jen photographed and interviewed Berlin-based artist, Douglas Gordon, for Art Slant online magazine.

It's Nice That

Jen is featured on It's Nice That.

Biennial of the Americas: Draft Urbanism

Jen will exhibit work in the 2013 Biennial of the Americas in Denver, Colorado.

ABC News Online

Jen's therapy llama photo story, shot in washington state, is posted online with ABC news.

Japan's Irorio

An interview with Jen and her photo story, Llama Love (courtesy COLORS Magazine), is posted online with the Japanese website IRORIO.

An interview with Jen and her photo story, Llama Love (courtesy COLORS Magazine), is posted online with

Russian Esquire

Jen's photo story, Llama Love (courtesy COLORS Magazine), is posted online with Esquire Russia.

Upper Orange, Photographers' Agent

Jen Osborne is now represented in Germany and beyond by Upper Orange.

6 Mois Magazine (Paris)

Jen Osborne has work in the Spring 2013 edition of 6 Mois. The edition is titled "The Fury of Living" and most of its content may only be viewed in print.

GUP Magazine Portfolio

Jen Osborne is posted on GUP (Guide to Unique Photography) Magazine's website after being featured in GUP issue 035.

European Journalism Centre (EJC) Grant

Jen Osborne wins a grant from the European Journalism Centre (EJC) to produce work that "showcases how local communities and people strive to survive in an ever-changing society".

GoSee News

SCREENings 12 winner, Jen OSBORNE, is a NEW entry at GoSee. Jen is a Canadian photographer living in Berlin and won a free membership at GoSee as a result of winning the SCREENings award.

Photo District News

Jen Osborne is posted on PDN's online journal.

Press Release: Le National Press (PPA)

"Today the Journal is entirely devoted to the exhibition of thePride Photo Award, which opened this weekend in Amsterdam. The Journal was made entirely by Christian Caujolle. This is the great talent of Christian, to discover a photography that is not frequently published. Christian presents it this way: "The awards dedicated to photography are numerous, few of them are as original and demanding as the Pride Photo Award, which just opened its exhibition in Amsterdam. It is clearly an offshoot of the gay community which is dynamic in the Netherlands, he insists on the diversity within this community which is resolutely international and, more importantly, is very exigent in relation to photography. This convinced us to dedicate the whole day. Especially since the award is only in its second year!"

Top Photography Films

Jen Osborne is featured on Top Photography Films.

Le Book

Nikon Coolpix (Spring 2012) campaign is posted in Le Book.

THE FACE: Photovisa IV

Jen Osborne is chosen to exhibit work in Krasnodar, Russia, as a part of the International Festival of Photography (Photovisa).

SCREENings Award

Jen Osborne is selected as one of the 20 Finalists for the 2012 SCREENings award.

Photog #FF 4

Jen Osborne is featured on Photog #FF.

The Art of Photography Show

Jen Osborne is selected to be a part of the 2012 "Art of Photography Show" curated by Julian Cox.

Pride Photo 2012

Jen Osborne is the first prize winner in Chameleons/Double Life – 2012 theme category.

‘Chameleons/Double Life’ is the opposite of the 2011 theme ‘Straight Back at You’. Last year’s theme was about society’s reactions to people who are ‘different’, while the 2012 theme is about the ways that people adapt to their surroundings and to the gender norms and the heterosexual norm. Pride Photo Award is looking for photographs about the choices people make to adapt or not to adapt – the conformists and the non-conformists, people living on the edge and the extremes – people with alter egos or double lives, either hidden or in the open.

COLORS Magazine


Jen Osborne's photo story about Llama therapy in Bellingham, Washington, is featured online for COLORS Magazine's "Happiness" issue (Spring 2012).

Ethik Clothing Plagiarizing Art for Pop-Up Promo?

Jen Osborne's image was stolen by Ethnik Clothing in NYC and then blogged about.

An excerpt: "When we posted about pop-up newcomer Ethik Clothing Company at 243 Broome Street (aka 77 Ludlow) last week, little did we know there was a storm of controversy surrounding these purveyors of urban styles. Numerous readers chimed in about the company’s alleged, err, unethical practices which incited a comment war. Ethik is being accused of flagrantly plagiarizing the work of Berlin-based artist Jennifer Osborne to promote the brand. There’s little doubt after checking these photos."

Prism Online Photo Magazine

Jen Osborne's series, Wig Outs, is featured on Prism Online Photo Magazine in 2012.


Jen Osborne's series, Net Generation, is featured on the US based Online Photo Journal, aCurator on January 2, 2012.

A synopsis: "Towards the end of 2011 I reviewed the portfolio of a photographer* who suggested I might like the work and personality of a young woman who had assisted him, and I was happy to be formally introduced to Jennifer Osborne. I had heard Jen speak about her work in the summer of 2010 at Aperture as part of the program around the publication of the book 'reGeneration: tomorrow's photographers today'; I was moved by her series 'Tough Blood' about the mentally ill, suicide-prone residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. However, I chose this project, Net Generation, which she photographed in July 2009, to kick off the new year.

It has been suggested that in China more than 10% of the country's 100 million teenage web surfers fall prey to excessive gaming and online activity. Jennifer Osborne visited Doctor Tao Ran's recovery program for Internet addicts, established in 2004. The young people Jen photographed are in summer video game rehab at the Beijing Region Military Hospital."

Slideluck Potshow Berlin

Jen Osborne's presentation which was featured at SLPS Berlin in 2011 is online.

Forward Thinking Museum

Jen Osborne in "Facing Forward", an online exhibition with the Forward Thinking Museum. This museum exists entirely in the digital space.


Jen Osborne on, a USA-based daily photo website.

Dirty Magazine

Jen's "El Reinado" is featured on the Miami based online Magazine DIRTY.

ReGeneration2 at Aperture Gallery.

Aperture and ReGeneration2 collaborate to feature artists, including Jen Osborne, in the touring exhibition and book launch., a French photo blog, features Jen Osborne's series, "A Hommage to Jay Phillips".

Feature Shoot

Jen Osborne and the 2011 Vice Photo Annual are posted on NYC based Feature Shoot photoblog.

Jen Osborne is featured in an interview on regarding her work in the 2011 Vice Photo Annual.

The Dutch Online Magazine, Smile in Your Face, features Jen Osborne's Wig Outs.

Vice Photo Annual 2011

Jen Osborne's series about a newly released prisoner from one of Rio's most notorious jails is published in the 2011 Vice Photo Annual.

Esquire Russia

Esquire Russia posts Jen Osborne's series "Wig Outs".

Feature Shoot

Jen Osborne and WIG OUTS are posted on the infamous FEATURE SHOOT photography blog

Portable Exclusive

Jen Osborne and the Black Soft on Portable Exlusive.


Jen Osborne's NET GENERATION is featured on the NYC-based "Superchief" website.

Style and The Family Tunes

Jen Osborne is featured online with Berlin magazine, 'Style and The Family Tunes'.

Flash Forward 2011

Jen Osborne wins a place in the Canadian talents category.

Purple Diary

Purple Diary (France). April 13, 2011. "ReGeneration2: Gallery Azzedine Alaia, Paris" (Featuring works from Jen Osborne).

Emily Carr University of Art & Design

Emily Carr University of Art & Design Blog. January 20, 2011. Re: Jen Osborne at Aperture Gallery.

The Waldorf Hotel Blog

December 17, 2010. "Night Vision Preview: Jen Osborne". Night Vision is a photographic slideshow curated by Jen Osborne and Natasha Lands, featuring emerging photographers from around the world.

November 8, 2010. Jen Osborne on "The Importance of Learning".

November 9, 2010. Jen Osborne on "How Bad Associations Can Sabotage Good Work".

November 10, 2010. Jen Osborne on "Thinking Locally".

November 11, 2010. Jen Osborne on "Vicarious Trauma".

November 12, 2010. Jen Osborne on "Doing it Because You Want To".

Catalog Gallery

November 5, 2010. "Natural Hazards" Opening, featuring the work of Jen Osborne, Lincoln Clarkes and Byron Dauncey. Curated by Robert Squire.

Canadian National Magazine Awards

May 5, 2010. Jen Osborne is nominated for a National Magazine Award for her work in Maisonneuve Magazine.

This Magazine.

July 29, 2010. "Postcard from Rio de Janiero: Jen Osborne".

Slideluck Potshow

At Kopeiken Gallery (Los Angeles), Jen Osborne screens El Reinado at an SLPS event on March 27, 2010. The theme of this particular show is "Women's Work".

Studio La Citta

November 21, 2009. "6x6 Women" features 6 Solo Shows from 6 Contemporary Female Photographers including Jen Osborne.


Fabrica Blog (Italy). April 15, 2008. "Jen Osborne Joins the Photo Department".

Walrus Magazine

February 23, 2008. The Walrus Magazine features Jen Osborne's "Cubans-in-Waiting" online.