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February 1, 2020. A bushfire rips through wildlife habitat in NSW, Australia.
This is a dart gun, used to tranquilize animals to reduce stress during the rescue process.
A vet and an assistant carry a burnt kangaroo from the waiting room to the veterinary table.
A fire injured wallaby receives care in Victoria state outside Melbourne, Australia.
Two animal carers receive an injured wombat to take into the triage clinic.
A bushfire in rural NSW, Australia.
Peter Day picks up a fire burnt kangaroo to get her to the triage center for veterinary help.
Firefighters work to put out a bushfire in Bumbalong, NSW, Australia.
A bushfire in rural NSW, Australia.
A group of animal carers stand exhausted after weeks of rehabilitation work.
Rosemary Austen of Possumwood Wildlife sits with a joey, surrounded by burnt kangaroos.
A fire begins to fade at the end of fire season in rural NSW, Australia.
A man uses his personal water bottle to douse a smoking tree in Goongerah, Australia.
A hungry wallaby stands waiting for a feed run from Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary.
A darter and two animal carers look for animals to rescue at Two Thumbs Wildlife Trust.
Kangaroos relax at Possumwood Wildlife sanctuary outside Canberra, Australia.
A team of vets and assistants carry a severely dehydrated koala from the operating table to a relaxation tent.
A koala is successfully flagged down from a tree and a team of vets and assistants attempt to contain her safely.
A group of koala rescuers attempt to flag a dehydrated animal down from a fire burnt tree.
An arborist (left) and James Fitzgerald of Two Thumbs Wildlife Trust stand to assess a koala rescue.
A worker flies out of his machine to attack me (the photographer) while logging a burnt forest in Victoria state.
A koala rescuer finds an animal crushed under a burnt "killer" tree.
After an unsuccessful rescue attempt, a team of koala searchers take a break after a long session.
An eye drop drips from a severely dehydrated koala's eye during treatment at a triage center in Cooma, Australia.
This is a fire burnt habitat in Cathcart, NSW, Australia.